Decks and Patio Construction in Manhattan

Whether your Manhattan wooden deck is fifty square feet in size or you are the proud owner of a compact and cozy patio, why wouldn’t you want the absolute best for this often-overlooked piece of exterior real estate? By choosing Gruda Construction LLC for your deck and patio installation, you can rest assured that you are in the safest hands possible. Being passionate about all parts of deck and patio construction and installation means that Gruda Construction LLC’s service really is second to none when it comes to quality, affordability and convenience. Don’t take chances with inferior decking and patio providers when the number one team in Manhattan is here and available for you to use.

Four Points to Remember About Patios

Having catered to the patio and decking needs of homeowners across Manhattan since we first opened our doors, it is safe to say, that when it comes to decks and patios, we have seen it all. Given the years of experience we have acquired we always seek to impart this information and knowledge on all our residential clients in Manhattan. By doing so, we feel that we are helping them makes the most informed decision about how to get the most from their patio, irrespective of its size. Four of the pointers that we find ourselves repeating most frequently include:

There’s more to a patio than a grill

As avid backyard cooks and barbecue enthusiasts, we fully understand your desire to incorporate your grill into patio. However, just because your grill is located on your patio doesn’t mean that it must be the centerpiece of this area of your home. The reality is that your grill will still cook the same great steaks if it is tucked away in a discreet location as it will be being front and center on your patio.

Don’t forget landscaping

One of the biggest mistakes that some Manhattan homeowners make is forgetting to consider their yard’s landscape when designing their patio. While size is an important factor of any patio, the reality is that lumping a load of concrete into your garden without any considerations for your yard’s landscaping needs is short-sighted.

Variety is the spice of life

Choosing the furniture and upholstery for your home’s patio can make all the difference between a good and great external space for your Manhattan home. Cushions and patterned tables and chairs are a great way of adding style to your patio.

Leave the TV inside

There is doubt about it, your tv always belongs inside your house and not on the patio. So, when designing the look and layout of your home please keep this in mind!

Do You Need a Decking and Patio Team Today?

If you feel that your patio or wooden decking has seen better days or you simply want to design a new outdoor space that will add immediate value to your home then you need to invest in Gruda Construction LLC’s top-quality service today.